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Many people have heard of the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, and have delighted at the white stallions performing to music every Sunday morning. Though it is few who have heard of the team of lady riders, with their Lipizzaner stallions, performing every Sunday at 11am in Kyalami, north of Johannesburg, in South Africa. But here is a haven of Classical Horsemanship. Through the white arches of the Lipizzaner Centre, one finds the only other school of performing Lipizzaner stallions, in the world to be given the seal of approval by the Spanish Riding School, the mecca of High School Riding.

It is here, in sunny South Africa, that the qualities of grace, dignity and nobility are upheld by an elite, and presented, in the performances, for the public to marvel at. As the world becomes more and more chaotic, as the striving for the High and Pure becomes more and more crushed, these ladies, like their Viennese gentlemen counterparts, uphold Tradition and keep alive something from the glory of bygone days. As the world becomes sloppy and proletarian, these ladies wear traditional uniform, and work in adherence to strict principles, with the discipline that these demand. They are at all times proud and dignified, in the knowledge that they are working with the Noblest of horses, and preserving the ancient art of Classical Riding. These ladies are not part of the degeneration of the modern world at all, they are upholding a living tradition, a tradition that is glorious and noble. They adhere to teachings of the Masters: Xenophon, Pluvinel, de la Guiniere, and understand that these principles are far more important than any "modern" methods. This tradition has been passed down through the generations of Riders at the Spanish Riding School, and now at the Lipizzaner Centre in Kyalami.

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Johann Georg von Hamilton (1672-1737): Neput,  Apfelschimmel im Galopp.
Lipizzaner Museum, Vienna.
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